Through Christian hospitals, clinics, and medical outreaches, NIEA demonstrates the love of God in practical ways throughout its numerous projects in 10 states. Over 15,000 patients are served annually in village medical camps, the Bethesda Medical Center, Paippad, and most recently in the Christian Medical Center, Purnia, Bihar. 

DOCTORS & NURSES NEEDED!! (Available Medical Missions)

Physicians - for short term or long term medical missions:

Rural hospital in Bihar is seeking Christian physicians who are willing to serve.  Family physicians or those with any specialty may apply.  Minimum duration of service is about 2-3 weeks,  Long term deployment opportunities also exist for physicians and dentists.


The Christian Medical Center and Hospital

The vision is to serve the sick, poor and needy with excellence, compassion and dignity.


In January 2014, the newly launched Christian Medical Centre & Hospital was commissioned for public service in Bihar’s Eastern province of Purnia.  Home to two million, Purnia just like the other 38 districts in this state have overwhelming needs. 

Poor health standards including the highest Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate in India make this region of India, still largely under-served and in need of infra-structure development over the next decades.

For those who are new to the sub-continent of India, the depth of poverty (US$70 per capita income), the sheer numbers (103 million population), literacy (<40%) seen and experienced in Bihar are new.  The World Bank in 2005 said that 451out of 100,000 mothers would die giving birth to their offspring.  Within the context of a male gender bias, 85% rural population (living in 39,000+ villages), endemic Tuberculosis, Malaria and Kala-Azar, Bihar presents a formidable health challenge.

The Christian Medical Center, Purnia, Bihar, opened as an out-patient clinic in 2006 to serve needy individuals in the Purnia District area. Existing medical care in local hospitals is too expensive for the average laborer. Here at the Christian Medical Center, individuals are received, evaluated, and given basic treatment at an affordable cost.

Diseases afflict children and families due to impure drinking water, inadequate nutrition, polluted soil, and inadequate hygiene. One part of a family visit to any of the Christian Medical Centers will be a class in basic hygiene and nutrition. Women are taught to boil drinking water and use good hygiene in food preparation. A new medical facility in Tamil Nadu is planned and will be commissioned shortly. In the North, a ten-bed Samaritan's Inn was opened for short term care of the destitute and dying.

A team of six doctors currently make up the medical team at the center, aided by a fledgling team of nurses and nursing aids.  A well-equipped laboratory and digital x-ray machine provide diagnostic services to the about 100 patients who visit the hospital every day now.  An administrative team is also in place providing support services to the overall management.

The hospital is also exploring having an annex to serve in an ongoing manner the poorest of the poor and especially those requiring long-term treatment can be served in a meaningful manner over the long-haul.  We are keen on being a mission hospital – using medical service as a means to reflect the Healing ministry of the Church, in the name of Jesus Christ alone and always.

The mandate of NIEA is to provide a high standard of medical care in Purnia, Bihar to the needy and the deserving in a manner that befits its missionary purpose. The overriding strategic principles that will be employed will be superior patient service, quality, and cost effective medical care with a humane outlook.

The Christian Medical Center Hospital will be managed with 3 clear operational goals:

  1. Development of efficient clinical and administrative processes, which will sustain revenues while providing the highest quality of medical care at an affordable cost to the individual patient.
  2. Make patient comfort and satisfaction the central value in operations through caring personnel, quality assurance systems, and patient feedback.
  3. Achieve self-sustaining operations through effective cost management and utilization management. The internal funds that are generated can be efficiently put in use for expansion programs, community outreach, patient subsidies, and charity. 



Dr. Mary Varghese



The Hospital Phase II construction has begun

Loads of sand, gravel and other construction item are coming to the site on a regular interval. The Engineer from the Architect came and checked the site marking and layout. Digging of earth is in progress. Concrete beams are getting ready. 

Overall the project is progressing well and is expected to be ready for full commissioning in 24 months from now. The nursing school construction is expected to begin next month.  

Pictures taken 10/30/2017 


Vision for hospital